Thin Hypnosis: Your Final Destination for Weight Loss Success!




The cause of all overeating and eating disorders is the programming that is in your subconscious mind. Subconscious programming works just like computer programming.  A computer will always do what it is programmed to do.  You always do what the programming in your subconscious instructs you to do.  Another word for programming could be training or conditioning.  If you have a weight problem, it’s mainly because you have been trained to eat with no regard for whether you are physically hungry.

You were not born with this programming.  When you were a baby you were perfectly in tune with your body.  All babies are.  If you put a bite of food in a baby’s mouth when it’s not hungry she or he will spit it out.  All babies and toddlers refused to eat more, once they’ve had enough.  You did this.  You may not remember it but you did leave food half eaten or untouched much of the time.  You were born with an inner wisdom that tells you when your body has been sufficiently fed.  This wisdom is still alive within you now.  You can easily revive it with Thin Hypnosis!

You started out with a very healthy relationship with food but what happened?  You were encouraged to overeat, “Just one more bite for Mommy.  Now one bite for Daddy,” etc.  You were taught to ignore your body’s signal that says, “I’ve had enough.”  You were taught to ignore your own body’s wisdom.  You were rewarded with certain foods and maybe forced to eat other foods.  Most children are made to feel guilty if they don’t finish all of the food on their plate, “There are children starving in China (or somewhere) who would love to have that food!”  Because of this programming from parents or the people who raised us, many people feel guilty for the rest of their lives if they don’t clean their plate.  HYPNOSIS CHANGES THIS PROGRAMMING.

Children learn what is normal and right by watching what others around them do, especially their parents.  If your parents overate then you got a powerful message that eating large amounts is normal and right.  If your parents brought home fast food like a bucket of fried chicken or a pizza etc. every night then you would naturally think this is how you are supposed to eat.  If your parents rarely ever ate vegetables but they insisted that you eat them, then you got the message that veggies are not good.  If they were good you would have seen your parents eating them (from a child’s point of view).  Children want to do what their parents do.  So what you saw your parents do with food is strong subconscious programming.  (It’s no one’s fault. Your parents were just passing on the programming they got from their parents.)

You have been programmed to eat junk food by the TV and other forms of advertising.  When I was growing up Wonder Bread commercials were brainwashing children every 15 minutes, or more, to believe that this white bread would make them grow faster and stronger.  Cartoon Saturday was one sugar coated cereal commercial after another.  I still remember every word of the jingles in those commercials.  That’s because of the many repetitions I saw and heard these commercials.  Food manufacturers spend millions of dollars making these commercials and airing them over and over again on children’s shows.

Of course this kind of programming continues to work on us when we grow up.   You have been hypnotized to overeat.   Commercials do hypnotize you to eat junk food and eat when you are not hungry.  What happens when you are watching TV?  You are focused on the story but then a pizza commercial comes on.  You see the big slice of pizza being pulled from the pie with the cheese seductively stretching out, hamburgers larger than life are suddenly in your face. Images of candy, ice cream and chips bid you to want and eat them.  Advertisers are highly paid hypnotists.   They use music and slogans that stick in your head and they do influence you to eat what they are selling.  This is hypnosis.  Maybe you were not even hungry but suddenly you desperately want what they are selling.  

“I once saw a commercial on TV for Dunkin Donuts blueberry muffins.  I left my comfortable couch and drove to Dunkin Donuts in my pajamas to get some.  That is the power of hypnotic suggestion.  Even if you don’t immediately go get these products you may find yourself craving them days later.  Thin Hypnosis gives you an effective weapon to defend yourself against this kind of unwanted hypnosis.

Joanna Rose Light, Certified Hypnotherapist, Over 25 years of experience.

You program yourself to overeat with the wrong kind of self talk.  Of all the programming you get, the stuff you tell yourself is the most powerful. Every thought you think and every word you say is conditioning your subconscious mind to believe and act in ways that match your thoughts. Much of what the average overweight person tells themselves is untrue and harmful to their body and their self-esteem.  For example; looking in the mirror and criticizing your body or beating yourself up mentally when you haven’t been able to lose weight or keep it off.  Hypnosis changes your self talk so you become kinder and gentler with yourself.  Hypnosis boosts your self esteem by leaps and bounds! 


If you struggle with your weight it’s NOT because you are lazy or weak willed.  You were just never taught how to change any of this programming until now.  It’s truly very easy to heal your relationship to food with Thin Hypnosis.