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Thin Hypnosis is an online program for
created and presented by Joanna Rose Light, Certified Hypnotherapist, with over 25 years of experience.

Joanna Rose Light, Certified Hypnotherapist


Embark on a Safe and Transformative Journey with Thin Hypnosis! Ready to discover the incredible benefits of hypnosis?
Here’s why Thin Hypnosis is not just effective but also completely safe:

Hypnosis was approved by the AMA, American Medical Association, in 1958. Two years after AMA approval, the American Psychological Association endorsed hypnosis as a branch of psychology. The kind of hypnosis that is used in this THIN HYPNOSIS program is called clinical hypnosis. It is very different than stage hypnosis or what you may have seen in Hollywood movies. They make it seem like a hypnotist can make you do things against your will such as barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken. This is not so. A stage hypnotist uses tricks to make it seem like he’s controlling people but this is very different than getting someone to change their eating habits.

People call me up and ask, “Can your make my wife lose weight?  or, “Can you make my husband stop drinking beer?” My answer is, “I can’t make them, but if they want to eat differently I can help her or him do that.”  When people volunteer to go up on stage they are agreeing to go along with what the stage hypnotist says.  They want to put on a show for their friends.  If you were ever told to do something in hypnosis that you didn’t really want to do, you absolutely would not do it.

Most people go into hypnosis every day without knowing it.  This can happen when you are reading a good book, listening to music or watching a movie.  You get so involved in the story that someone may walk in the room and call you name but you don’t hear them.  Your mind in somewhere else.  Highway hypnosis happens when you drive a long distance.  When you arrive at your destination you don’t remember much about the trip.  Hypnosis is just a deeply relaxed and focused state.

Everyone seems to think they will be asleep during hypnosis, but this is not true.  You will be awake the whole time.  You will remember everything. There’s no dangling watch.  You simply close your eyes and listen to the sound of the therapist’s voice.  You will be guided into a very relaxed and pleasant state and given suggestions that make it easy for you to lose all the weight you want and keep it off. 


The part of your brain that controls habits, emotions and memories.  Your subconscious mind is thousands of times stronger than your conscious mind.  This is why willpower doesn’t work!  Willpower is part of your conscious mind.  Consciously knowing how many calories are in that chocolate cake does not stop you from eating it, but hypnosis does.  With Self-Hypnosis you will tame your subconscious mind and coax it to work for your rather than against you.  Once you reprogram your subconscious the weight will fall away almost by itself.

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! If you struggle with your weight it’s NOT because you are weak willed, lazy or


• Everyone in your family is heavy.
• You have big bones.
• You’ve tried every diet already.
• Nothing has worked for you.
• Your metabolism is slow.
• You eat like a bird but can’t lose weight.
• You’ve given up hope of ever being thin.
• Your eating is out of control.

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  • No Counting Calories, Carbs, Points, etc.
  • No Measuring or Weighing Food
  • No Cravings
  • No Special Foods or Shakes
  • No Pills, Shots or Surgery
  • No Testing (DNA, blood, etc.)
  • No Food Diary
  • No Forbidden Foods
  • No Hunger
  • No Dieting
  • No Willpower
  • No Stress – No Kidding!