Thin Hypnosis: Your Final Destination for Weight Loss Success!


Why I specialize in weight loss hypnosis.

Thin Hypnosis is a life changing, online course created and presented by Joanna Rose Light, a certified hypnotherapist with over 25 years of experience helping women and men lose weight.

I worked as a general practitioner for many years.

On a typical day I would hypnotize someone to lose weight, then another person to stop smoking, someone else to overcome insomnia. I worked with a lot of sales people to increase their sales and students came to me to improve their grades. I hypnotized race car drives, professional golfers and athletes to preform better, and many other scenarios. I enjoyed helping all of these folks but the ones I especially liked working with were the people who wanted to lose weight, so I decided to focus on this one specialty.

Loose Weight Now

Joanna Rose Light

Certified Hypnotherapist

I overcame my own struggle with unwanted pounds with hypnosis,

so this is were my heart lies. I personally know how devastating it is to go on a diet, starve yourself for weeks or months and then gain the weight back with more pounds to boot. I did this over and over an insane number of times and I was miserable.

Just like you, I tried dieting over and over again. I starved myself, deprived myself and made myself miserable thinking about food or my weight all the time. No matter how good I was at sticking with the diet and losing weight, the pounds always came back. I felt like a failure. A fat and hungry failure. I had three different sizes of clothes in my closet because my weight went up and down so much. When I learned about hypnosis for weight loss I went from a size 12 to a size 4 with very little effort. I went from depression to elation! Best of all, the weight has stayed off for more than 25 years!

When I discovered Self-Hypnosis my entire life changed quickly and dramatically. I lost weight without any deprivation. To help you do the same, I developed this easy to do program that works like magic. Hundreds of people have lost weight with this program. You will too! Joanna Rose Light


Rapid weight loss

“I lost 40 pounds in 4 months after starting the Thin Hypnosis course. I feel like a different person. Now when I walk down the grocery aisles with the candy and cookies I can just look at them and I don’t feel like I need it. I don’t even want it anymore.” Carla Jones, Orlando FL


Lasting benefits

"I love Thin Hypnosis...I have used it for many years! Thanks Joanna for helping me so much on my life journey by showing me self hypnosis from scratch and the rest is history. Its helps me stay thin, helps in my business life and personal happiness and peace of mind." Becky Singleton, DeLand FL


A whole new mindset

"Thanks to Thin Hypnosis, I've transformed my life! In just a short time, I shed the weight, gained confidence, and developed a healthier relationship with food. It works, and it works fast. Grateful for this life-changing program!" Peter B., O'ahu Hawaii